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Course Cartridges

Course cartridges files textbook publishers create to enhance a course using their textbook. These cartridges may contain test banks, PowerPoint presentations, documents, video, audio, games, interactive simulations, or any other type of electronic materials. Use of these cartridges in a course often carries a fee for the students.

To obtain an Instructor Download Key or troubleshoot a Student Access Key, please contact the publisher of your course cartridge.

For questions about or problems with your cartridge content, contact the publisher or your course cartridge for additional information.

Cartridges can be either premium or open access. Open access cartridges do not require a student purchased access code while premium ones do. These codes can be bundled with the text book for an extra price (often somewhere around $15).

Loading a course cartridge into your Blackboard shell

  • If your publisher sent you an instructor download key (a code of letters and numbers): Import Course Cartridge
  • If your publisher sent you a Blackboard zip file containing the course cartridge: Import Package