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Using Course Copy to Copy Enrollment

Copy Enrollment might be used for two reasons.

  • You are stacking courses in Blackboard and need to copy the students into the section you are using as your main section.
  • You want to copy your test student from your personal master into your semester course section.


  • Go into the course whose enrollment you want to copy into the other course. This is the from or source course for the copy.
  • Control Panel
  • Course Copy
  • Click the link for Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course
  • Browse to find the destination course ID (course to copy into).
  • Search by Instructor using your COSMO ID (7 digit number).
  • A list of your available courses appears. Click the Select button next to the course TO which the enrollment is to be copied, (the destination course).
  • Click the checkbox for Enrollment (at the bottom).
  • You can only copy enrollment if you copy one of the content choices. Since in this instance we don't really want any content I suggest you choose one of the content choices that you don't use, such as the glossary or the calendar.
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