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Log In

Finding Blackboard: Go to MATC homepage ( and click on the Blackboard link on the left side of the page

Username: Your COSMO ID      (You are a number in Blackboard, not your Novell/email login name.)

Password: the same password you use for your email (and for Novell login)

If there are any important system announcements they will appear in lieu of the photographs. PLEASE read these announcements. They often announce upgrades, downtimes or problems. You will want to stay informed in order to answer student questions.

Password Expiration

Your Novell / GroupWise email / Blackboard password expires 180 days after you set it. You will need to go to the Password Manager and change your password at or before that time. Novell will send you an email 15 days before your password expires and 5 days before your password expires. The message will suggest that you change your password immediately and will include a link to the Password Manager. When you change your password here your new password will be used in your email, Blackboard and Novell.

If you have not already done so, please use the Password Manager now to set your two challenge questions. Having done that will allow you to reset your own password with the Password Manager even if you forget your old password. If you have not set your challenge questions and you forget your password you will need to contact the helpdesk.

Password Manager:

Still having problems logging in?

Please contact the helpdesk at (414) 297-6541

Blackboard support personnel do not have access to your password or to materials to correct problems with your password.