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Stacking Classes

Every section released in COSMO has a Semester Course Section shell automatically created in Blackboard. Students will be automatically enrolled in the section in which they are registered.

At MATC sections may be stacked with other sections for a variety of reasons.

If a faculty member wants to teach several separate sections out of one Blackboard Semester Course Section shell the faculty member will need to follow the steps listed below.

  1. Choose one of the Semester Course Section shells to serve as the main section. It would make sense to choose the one with the largest number of students but any section will work.
  2. Archive your personal master and Import the content into this section from your personal master.
  3. Copy the enrollment from each of the stacked sections into the main Semester Course Section shell. (see copy enrollment instructions)

** Note: Repeat step 3 often, probably daily during the first week or so of class and several times a week for a couple of weeks after that, since students will be automatically enrolled in the sections in which they are registered in COSMO and NOT in the Semester Course Section shell being used as the main shell.

Problem 1:
Students not actually enrolled in COSMO in the "main" section will not be automatically dropped. The faculty member will need to make these students unavailable AFTER they have been officially dropped. You may also want to change the role of these students to Guest since then they will not show up in your gradebook. Students registered for the "main" section WILL be automatically dropped.

Problem 2:
Students who sign up for section A and drop and sign up for section B will not copy into section A if the faculty member stacks section B into section A. Please send the Blackboard Course ID of each section as well as the name and COSMO ID of the student involved to Betsy There is a solution that will allow the copy enrollment to work.