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Local Site Coordinator Michelle Felix, Curriculum Coordinator Toshiba Adams, Peer Support Coordinator Julie Rock and Mark Mankowski make up your administrative ER&D team. Together they work with the office of Professional Development (Marv Echols), as well as Assistant Provost Barbara Cannell, to bring you course offerings that will enhance your teaching and bolster educational success. The ER&D team appreciates and relies on your input. Please see the results of the satisfaction survey.

Please e-mail Michelle with any questions, suggestions or comments, or, better yet, please visit our faculty input page!

Michelle Felix
Michelle Felix
Toshiba Adams
Since the downtown Faculty Resource Center (FRC) merged into the ER&D space, we have planned for a larger "teaching and learning center." This center will have both a new physical space as well as the cyber presence here on facultynet. A space has been identified and planning is underway! We are proud that our suggestion to use INFOnline for purposes of scheduling and registering for all Profesional Development and ER&D courses has been successfully implemented.
Your Peer Support Team

MATC's Peer Support Team is a group of faculty dedicated to supporting and empowering their peers. They make no claim at expertise, but pledge themselves to be open to new practices and to remain "reflective practioners" in the craft of teaching. The Peer Support seminar pairs members of the team with those enrolled in a mentoring-type experience which includes observations and demonstrations. The Peer Support team also hosts new faculty orientations before the start of the fall semester. These orientations have recently expanded to a two-day experience for full-time faculty and abbreviated part-time orientations are planned as well.

CLICK ON THE GRAPHIC to meet the PEER SUPPORT TEAM and feel free to contact them for assistance.

Julie Rock