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These interviews by John Merrow stem from the PBS documentary "Discounted Dreams" which details the current state of America's junior colleges and the students who count on them for advancement. Each of the following titles is highly recommended listening for all those vested in community and technical education. In fact, we believe many of the following should be burned to CD and handed to every politician for required review.

"Community Colleges" - Interview with Kay McClenney, community college expert. She speaks on the importance of community colleges, where 45% of all college students are enrolled. Duration: 28:36

"We Know What Works" - Nancy Shulock doesn't think community colleges should get more money -- that is, without also implementing some major policy changes. She argues that we already know how to improve transfer and completion rates at community colleges but sometimes lack the political will to do so. In this podcast, Professor Shulock, Executive Director of the Institute for Higher Education Leadership and Policy at Sacramento State University, offers insights that have upset some community college leaders. Duration: 15:55vvvv

"Second Class" - Most students at Los Angeles Trade and Tech aren't seeking to transfer to a four-year school. Instead, they enroll to gain critical job training. Vice President of Academic Affairs Marcy Drummond discusses the challenges of running Trade Tech, and why she believes her institution is a “second class citizen.” Duration: 13:30mm

"All Things to all People?" - We expect a lot from our 1200 community colleges, and most of them bend over backwards trying to provide it-job training, a jumpstart on a 4-year degree, remedial education, even classes in motorcycle repair and ballroom dancing! But is being all things to all people possible, or even desirable? Duration: 25:00mmm

"Expecting Less...and Getting It" - A conversation with a college professor who seems to accept student mediocrity as inevitable. Paulette Kurzer, a professor of political science at the University of Arizona and teacher of over 20 years, discusses how she deals with students who don't pay attention or do the work. Duration: 35:57mm

"A Provost's Balancing Act" - A glimpse into the life of a college provost, the chief academic officer on campus. Dr. Barbara Burch of Western Kentucky University has to struggle to balance the needs of 19,000 students, the demands of faculty, economic pressures, and pressures from interest groups (like sports fans!). Duration: 44:56mm

"A Right to Fail?", Part 1 - Community college professor Steve Zuro is doing all he can to help his remedial math students, but only half pass the class. What's going wrong? Duration: 12:14mm

"Right to Fail?", Part 2 - Should a remedial teacher know why her student has been unsuccessful in the past? Joliet Junior College Professors Edy Alderson and Kathleen Perryman, who telephone their students at home and even offer rewards like chocolate bars, say yes. Duration: 15:11mm


Created by Kevin Mulvenna for Peer support. Kevin has other titles available under the (WWD)2 @ MATC logo at the Teaching & Learning Technology page here on FacultyNet.