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ER&D provides on-demand professional development on topics of faculty interest and college need through a combination of national webinars and local class meetings.
View the invitation with information about how to enroll in a 1-credit webinar series. You may also watch each presentation independently.
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Designing a Successful Faculty Mentoring Program: Lessons from the Field
PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)

FALL 2009

Student Motivation and Classroom Management

Boosting Student Motivation by Incorporating 21st Century Skills into Your Classroom PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)
Motivating Today's College Students PLAY PROGRAM (download Powerpoint / download handout)
Creating Learning Communities to Enhance Student Success PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)
Designing Learning Communities to Fit the Needs of Your Campus PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)

Critical Thinking and Assessment: A Practical Approach

Helping College Students Develop Critical Thinking Skills PLAY PROGRAM (download Powerpoint / download handout)
A Data-driven Approach to Increase Student Success: There's No Silver Bullet...But, There is a Silver Process PLAY PROGRAM (download Powerpoint)
Online Workshop: Assessment of Student Academic Achievement: Shifting the Focus from the Teacher Teaching to the Student Learning
Part One PLAY PROGRAM (download Powerpoint)
Part Two PLAY PROGRAM (download Powerpoint)

Improving Student Success

Teaching Unprepared Students: Strategies for Promoting Success and Retention PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)
Retaining Under-prepared Students: Creating a Comprehensive Developmental Education Program PLAY PROGRAM webinar starts at 12:00 minutes into the recording (download handout)
Empowering Developmental Student Success: Integrating Learning Assistance and Student Development Services with Alternative Instructional Approaches PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)
Improving Minority Student Success PLAY PROGRAM (download handout)