Network Storage

How Do I Access My Storage?

When you log in to a computer on campus with your username and password you will automatically have access to your 'I' and 'S' drives.

They can be accessed by opening My Computer. You will also be able to choose either of the locations when saving and opening files through applications such as Microsoft Word.

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When looking at your network drives your 'I' drive begins with your username and your 'S' drive begins with the name of your division.

What is Network Storage?

All MATC employees are assigned network storage space. This area is referred to as your 'i' drive. This space is available only to you and is where you want to save all of your work related documents and files.

Also available to you is a shared storage drive that is available to everyone in your division. This is called the 'S' drive. You can save work related documents and files here that need to be shared with your supervisor or co-workers.


Click the picture to see an example.

Why Is My 'I' Drive Important?

  • If you save a document to your 'I' or 'S' drive and accidently delete it, chances are Information Technology can restore that file. If the file is saved to the computer hard drive (the 'C' drive) and it is deleted or the computer crashes, there is no way for us to retrieve it.
  • Files that are saved on one of the network drives can be accessed from any location with Internet access when you use Citrix.