How Do I Login?

All MATC employees are given a unique username and default password for Novell. If you are unsure of your login information please contact your supervisor or the MATC helpdesk.

**NOTE - when calling the MATC Helpdesk you MUST have your 7- digit Employee ID number (COSMO ID number).


Other Things To Know

  • Your Novell username and password are the same username and password that you will use for your GroupWise email account.


  • Your Novell password will expire every 120 days. When your password expires you will be prompted to change it when you login. Or you can change it using Password Manager.


  • You are given five (5) grace logins to change your password. If you don't change your password within those five logins your account will be locked and you will need to contact the helpdesk.


What is Novell?

Click the picture above to see an example.


Novell is the login screen that appears after turning on an MATC computer. You must login to Novell in order to access the PC.


Logging in to Novell allows you to access MATC's network resources.


Network Resources Include:

  • Internet access
  • Network printers
  • Your network storage area (Your 'I' drive)
  • Your divisional storage area (Your 'S' drive)
  • Your MATC GroupWise email account
  • Ematc
  • Online Time Sheets
  • Various software applications such as Microsoft Office