Voicemail Access

Direct Access On/Off Campus

To access your PhoneMail box ON Campus, dial: 77777.

To access your PhoneMail box OFF Campus, dial:  414.297.7777.



Guest Access On/Off Campus

For Guest Access ON Campus, dial: 77000.

For Guest Access OFF Campus, dial:  414.297.7000.

PhoneMail Box Number

All faculty and staff have a PhoneMail box number. 

Your PhoneMail box number is the same as your extension.

Example:  Phone Extension: 76541
               PhoneMail Box:    76541

Default Password

Your default password is 11111.

You may change your password after you log in.

Step by Step Instructions to access PhoneMail Box/Voicemail:

1.  Dial 77777 (or 414.297.7777 from outside).
2.  Dial your mailbox number (which is your phone extension),
     followed by # (pound key).
3.  Enter the default password, 11111, followed by # (pound key).